Hi, I'm Brien.

I'm a software engineer living in Madrid, Spain. I am currently employed full-time, but am open to consulting. My favorite kinds of clients are small teams still in their early stages. My passion is finding creative solutions to difficult problems. Sometimes that means developing software, but not always. In other words, a good plan is better than a good app. As a native English and Spanish speaker, I also do language based work such as translating and proofreading technical documents.Say hi on twitter.

Skill set

Software development


A small selection of some of the projects I have been involved in.

Passel - Schedule sharing app for iOS and Android

As a freelancer I lead the development for the MVP for Passel, which is not a calendar app but a hub for groups to share out their schedule regardless of the operating system members use. Passel is a free and easy way for groups and teams to communicate with members. Parents simply "follow" a team/group calendar and all events are automatically synced with their native phone calendar. If a date or time is modified followers are notified and iCal is changed automatically.

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Junction Solution's Genetic Optimizer Production Scheduling Tool

Junction Solution is an ERP software vendor. While I worked there, I was the lead developer of the Genetic Optimizer product, which is a flexible production scheduling tool built using genetic algorithms.

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A Genetic Algorithm to Generate Transmit Radar Codes

This article presents the design and development of a genetic algorithm (GA) to generate long-range transmit codes with low autocorrelation side lobes for radar to minimize target profile estimation error. The GA described in this work has a parallel processing design and has been used to generate codes with multiple constellations for various code lengths with low estimated error of a radar target profile.

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This simple game was started over 10 years ago when I was undergraduate computer science student. Lately I have dusted it off and am slowly bringing it into the current decade. It is a passion project to which I dedicate a very small, but regular part of my freetime.

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Contact me on twitter via @brien.


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